For women, ‘self sufficient’ isn’t ‘domestic’

Posted by Christine, December 7, 2010

Steph Larson confronts her inner housewife on Grist,

I think the word “domestic” bothers me because, from an outsiders’ perspective, the difference between what I do to be as self-sufficient as possible and the social norm of what it means to be a woman don’t really look that different: A pantry full of homemade pickles triggers the same image regardless of the politics of the person who made them. It’s traditional for the woman to be the one to grow, preserve, and cook food for her family. Yet I feel about as far from “traditional” as it’s possible to be in my politics and beliefs. James Dobson and I would not be best friends — I’m proudly unmarried and cohabiting with my partner, I work outside my home, I’m not Christian, I’m childless by choice at 32 … I could go on.

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