Jeff Houck takes a look at 50 scientific discoveries of 2010

Posted by Trish Riley, December 30, 2010

Here are a few that I find most interesting…. – TR

22 Oriental hornets become more active as the temperature rises because a yellow stripe on their abdomen gathers sunlight and harnesses it for energy.
23 Up to 90 percent of an antibiotic passes through the human body without metabolizing. Excreted antibiotics that enter streams and rivers become potential sources of antibiotic-resistant genes in nature.
24 Five types of newly discovered lizard venom could prove a gold mine for researchers working on the next generation of blood pressure and heart disease medications.
29 Loud background noise at restaurants interferes with the physical enjoyment of food.
36 Deleting just one gene during the embryonic stage can make a female mouse a lesbian. After the mice were genetically modified, they rejected the advances of males and tried to mate with other females.
38 The hardness of a chair influences the way the person sitting in it feels about someone.
42 A common “friendly” bacteria found in soil boosts intelligence and speeds learning time. The same microbe, which is blown around by the wind and inhaled, appears to act as a natural antidepressant.

47 Moms who soothe a child by kissing their boo-boos can reduce stress, calming the hormones that can contribute to chronic inflammation.

via Our annual look at 50 things we learned this year.

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