Now you can cruise from Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico in an alternative vehicle: The I65 BioFuels Corridor Project

Posted by Trish Riley, December 30, 2010

The I-65 BioFuels Corridor Project allows owners of both flex fuel and diesel vehicles to travel from Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico, the entire length of I65, on either E85 ethanol or B20 biodiesel. The 886 miles of the Clean Biofuels Corridor has been completed which allows drivers to be no more than a quarter of tank from the nearest BioFuels station. NWI Partners that participated in this project include: The Indiana Office Of Energy Development; General Motors Company, South Shore Clean Cities; Family Express, Fair Oaks Dairy, and Gas City.

The State of Indiana currently has 135 retail E85 Stations operating!

via What You Need to Know About The I65 BioFuels Corridor Project.

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