Squid abound in La Nina waters

Posted by Christine, December 14, 2010
SACRAMENTO, Calif.—California squid fishermen are nearing the catch limit early because of cold La Nina ocean waters.

The state Department of Fish and Game says the harvest limit of 118,000 short tons will be reached Friday and the squid season will be closed until March 31.

The San Jose Mercury News says cold La Nina waters led to the squid bounty. It’s the first time the limit has been reached since new rules were put in place eight years ago to protect against over fishing.

“We have had a banner year for market squid this year,” said Dale Sweetnam, a senior Fish and Game marine biologist. “In California, we have had squid landings from La Jolla to Half Moon Bay and reports that market squid are abundant off many of the offshore banks, the Channel Islands, as well as off Baja California. The colder-than-normal water conditions we have observed since February have provided optimal conditions for squid spawning.”

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