Fracking contaminates Texas wells

Posted by Christine, January 23, 2011

Randy Loftis’ account of water well contamination in Parker County, Texas, requires a subscription to read in its entirety,, but you can watch this WFAA television report free,

“It started with a man in a Parker County mansion who noticed natural gas in his water well. The Environmental Protection Agency issued an emergency order against Range Resources in December.

“Now, new testing shows there’s methane in the well water at most homes within 3,000 feet of the Range Resources gas wells that the EPA is blaming for the original problem.

“There’s also methane in the nearby public water supply, Lake Country Acres.

“Range, however, is adamant in stating that its production activities are not responsible for the natural gas migration into water wells.”

Sharon Wilson comments on it and documents cases on her blog at  She notes that Loftis pointed out what is at stake. “The Big Gas Mafia cannot let hydraulic fracturing be at fault. The whole Shale Gas Shell Game depends on fracking.

‘The case has become just as important for the gas industry — an opportunity to head off possible future federal controls on activities that have been lightly regulated, if at all.’

“Another important point from Loftis’ article is a statement made by an unnamed consultant to a Texas Railroad Commission geologist and a statement made by the geologist himself regarding oil field activity.

‘A Railroad Commission geologist wrote in a memo on the Lipsky case that two local consultants told him in “friendly phone conversations” that gassy water wells weren’t uncommon.

‘However, the consultants, whom geologist Olin MacNamara did not name in his Oct. 8, 2010, memo, said current drilling operations might play a role.’

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