Gail’s Pets: Products can be safe for your pet and the environment

Posted by Trish Riley, January 21, 2011

Pet owners who want to make the New Year greener and more environmentally friendly have many more choices when it comes to caring for their animal companions.

When one of my Aussies broke his dog collar recently, my search for a new one landed me at TailsSpin pet supply store in the Habersham Village Shopping Center. A staffer was happy to show me collars made out of hemp, soy and recycled fibers along with more familiar materials. The red soy web collar felt soft, pliable and strong; Fred likes it.

You can find an environmentally friendly version of just about any product you need for your pet, from bowls and collars to toys and food. But just like other consumer goods, there is a certain amount of green-washing and a good amount of silliness.

But that does not mean that you can't take real actions and make environmental choices that benefit both the planet and your pet.


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