San Luis Obispo County could be a green leader

Posted by Christine, January 17, 2011

Ken Haggard, principal architect for the San Luis Sustainability Group and Professor Emeritus, Cal Poly School of Architecture; John Ewan, owner of Pacific Energy Company;  and Tom Murray, vice president of SLO Green Build and a building contractor got together to write an op-ed on how the cou nty can move forward:

San Luis Obispo County has the opportunity to become a leader in the emerging “green economy” — one of the few growing sectors of the national economy.

In a rare confluence of time, place and events, we can create new jobs for our county while assuring a better environment. However, we must plan appropriately.

Central to the new “green” economy is renewable energy development. Renewable energy has become a necessity for both the nation’s economic recovery and for national security.

California is uniquely positioned to lead the way. Our state has the renewable energy resources, existing clean energy legislation and a state government committed to achieving this shift. Many states have only one or two of these resources in place.

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