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Posted by Trish Riley, February 7, 2011

State Sen. Greg Evers, R-Crestview, and state Rep. Clay Ingram, R-Pensacola have filed companion bills to prevent local governments from exceeding state rules on controlling fertilizer use to fight water pollution.

The St. Petersburg Times reported that the bill is apparently aimed at Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, where commissioners imposed tough controls. Pinellas banned fertilizer use on lawns during the seasonal rainy season, when stormwater runoff carries it into streams, bayous and bays; Hillsborough regulates use within 10 feet of waterways and 36 hours before heavy rain is predicted.

Today, nutrients are the most serious pollutant in Florida waters. The Pensacola Bay System, like many Florida waters, has suffered extensive damage from nutrients. They feed harmful algae growth that darkens water and kills marine grasses that depend on sunlight shining through clear waters.

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