EPA Proposes Toxic Emissions Rules for Power Plants

Posted by Trish Riley, March 17, 2011

After two decades of delays and false starts, U.S. EPA unveiled a plan today to require coal- and oil-fired power plants to reduce emissions of mercury and 83 other toxics by 2016.

The proposed rules (pdf) would limit the amount of toxic pollution that can be released into the air for every unit of electricity that is generated. In total, the plan would reduce mercury and acid gas emissions from the U.S. power sector by 91 percent while cutting soot-forming sulfur dioxide (SO2) pollution by 53 percent, the agency said today.

via http://www.nytimes.com/gwire/2011/03/16/16greenwire-epa-proposes-toxic-emissions-rules-for-power-p-96066.html

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