Florida Governor Rick Scott: Sanford, Minus Sex Scandal

Posted by Trish Riley, March 7, 2011

Florida Governor Rick Scott gives off a wide-eyed glow of certainty about everything he does. The Tea Party Republican has worn it from the moment he took office on Jan. 4, and since then he’s rankled even conservatives in his own party with his imperious style. In his first eight weeks, he’s put forth a budget proposal that slashes education spending — an area in which low-wage, low-tech Florida can’t really afford to scrimp — by 15%; put the kibosh on a high-speed-rail project, funded with federal and private dollars, that could have created up to 30,000 jobs; campaigned to repeal a prescription-drug-monitoring law in a state where seven people die each day from an overdose; and pressed to kill two amendments that Floridians passed last November to curb the reckless gerrymandering of their legislative districts.

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