Mr. Peanut goes green

Posted by Christine, March 5, 2011

To promote the “peanut lifestyle” of giving back to the earth, the Nutmobile will appear at events to draw support for The Corps Network, a service and conservation agency that offers over 30,000 young people the chance to mobilize communities in projects that restore and maintain public and green spaces. Last year, the Corps Network offered 21.3 million hours of national service.

The Nutmobile is based on a 2011 Isuzu NPR diesel truck. In addition to the new, crunchy shell, it’s been filled with 5 percent biodiesel, covered in solar panels and fitted with a wind turbine and a bank of batteries. Missing a great opportunity for peanut publicity, the biodiesel blend will only consist of a little peanut oil among other vegetable and cooking oils.

 Together, the setup ensures that a two-hour drive can charge the onboard batteries enough for a one-hour publicity stop. Even body panels and the interior are recycled: Floorboards were reclaimed from a dismantled barn, while the windows are recycled glass in frames made of recycled steel.

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