Natural gas fracking devastates the landscape, health and lives

Posted by Christine, March 30, 2011

Sarah Perry tells the story of a local family who moved into their dream home three years ago in the Denton Record-Chronicle:

Knoll was horrified when one morning she turned on her garden hose to put some of her family’s well water into a glass pitcher. The water was spewing foam and steam and smelled of sulfur. As the foam subsided, Knoll took a candle lighter and touched the flame to the water. After a few minutes, she dipped a hand in the pitcher. A waxy substance dripped from her hand. It looked like contact lenses had formed on her fingertips.

Last summer, Knoll had her water tested by a private company. A chemical called methylene blue active substance was found in her water — a lubricant used in natural gas drilling that can cause water to have a soap-like feel.

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