Burning waste to clean up, generate electricity

Posted by Christine, May 5, 2011

A story funded by Spot.us about burning poultry litter indicates benefits to cleaning up Chesapeake Bay while generting power for customers: 

Poultry litter, a mixture of chicken or turkey manure and bedding materials scraped from the barn floor, is loaded with nutrients, and is abundant and inexpensive, making it the fertilizer of choice in the Valley. That practice has become the subject of increasing environmental scrutiny, however, as excessive or improper application pollutes local streams and the Chesapeake Bay with too much nitrogen and phosphorous.

Now, change is being thrust upon the traditional use of litter as fertilizer, with an ambitious, recently launched plan to clean up the Chesapeake Bay led by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Virginia’s commitments under that plan include a promise to remove at least 75,000 tons of poultry litter each year from land application in the Bay watershed by 2025.

Source: spot.us (http://s.tt/12mVb)