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Posted by Christine, May 7, 2011

Angelines Moncha Alba Lamb <>, program manager for campaigns and projects, announced that Slow Food USA has launched Farmarazzi, a photo campaign and petition to rally public opposition to pending legislation introduced in Iowa, Minnesota, and Florida that would criminalize the act of taking photos of farms.

To highlight the hypocrisy of the introduced legislation and to support farms that are already picture-perfect, Slow Food USA has launched Farmarazzi. Its  goal is to flood the Internet with photos that celebrate the openness and beauty of farms at their best. The most popular photos uploaded to Slow Food USA’s Facebook page will be sent to key legislators, along with a petition asking the lawmakers to stop the bills from passing. This photo already posted is from Cluck, Cluck Meow Farm.

To support the campaign:

Upload your photo of a farm to the Slow Food USA Facebook .

Sign the petition to urge legislators to protect the right to photograph farms.

About Slow Food USA

Slow Food USA <> is a national non-profit that
believes everyone has the right to good, clean, and fair food.  With over
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