UN Proposes Changes to Hydrofluorocarbon-Reduction Projects

Posted by erauch, May 17, 2011

A United Nations-overseen panel that helps set the rules of the world’s second-biggest carbon market proposed to change how regulators determine the number of credits awarded to plants that cut hydrofluorocarbon-23.

Regulators are clamping down on projects that reduce emissions of HFC-23, which has a global-warming potential 11,700 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, and the European Union earlier this year banned the use of credits linked to the industrial gas in its emissions-trading system from 2013.

Proposed rules for projects that generate credits for cutting hydrofluorocarbons under the UN Clean Development Mechanism may change the “cap on the baseline HFC-23 generation rate, i.e. the amount of HFC-23 formed per amount of HCFC-22 produced,” according to the minutes of the Methodologies Panel meeting published on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change website over the weekend.

via http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-05-16/un-proposes-changes-to-hydrofluorocarbon-reduction-projects-1-.html