Environmental group sues new solar plant for California

Posted by Christine, June 1, 2011

The San Luis Obispo Tribune editorialized in favor of letting the project proceed:

It’s disappointing — but no shock — that opponents of the 250-megawatt California Solar Ranch have filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the project. They believe the Carrizo Plain is the wrong place for commercial solar operations. We understand that.

However, we have a hard time taking it seriously when a spokeswoman for North County Watch — one of two environmental groups that filed suit — says the county needs to do a more thorough job of evaluating impacts, mitigations and project alternatives.

The lawsuit cites many of the same arguments the litigants used to fight the project during the more than two years it went through the county’s permitting process.

The main argument is that the project would violate the public trust by causing irreparable harm to the many rare and endangered plants and animals found on the Carrizo Plain.

“Protecting public trust resources are an affirmative duty of government rooted in common law and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court over decades,” said Michael Jencks, attorney for the Carrizo Commons group.

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