Mercury, seafood and coal lobbyists

Posted by Christine, June 8, 2011

HuffPo responds to the Wall Street Journal’s attack on the EPA in an OpEd written by Carl Safina and Sharon Guynup:


This post was co-authored by Sharon Guynup

A May 25th Wall Street Journal op-ed (“The Myth of Killer Mercury”) accuses the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of fabricating evidence to support their proposed rule to limit mercury and other toxic emissions from coal-fired power plants, charging the agency with having a hidden agenda: destroying the hydrocarbon industry in favor of “unreliable renewable energy.”

That’s quite a claim. We don’t think the EPA has a hidden agenda; we think it has a mandate to protect public health. We do, though think the authors’ agenda is to use a thinly veiled science-sounding attack on the EPA to support corporate interests. The authors also claim the rule will raise electrical costs and scare people away from eating seafood, and deny EPA estimates that pollution-cutting measures will save 17,000 lives and $140 billion in health care costs.

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