Ken Salazar, Interior Secretary, Says Feds Will Refine Plan On Solar Development Zones

Posted by erauch, July 26, 2011

Federal officials are refining their plan for speeding up solar energy development in zones of public lands in six western states, after receiving about 80,000 comments on the plan, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Thursday.

In December, the Interior Department released a draft identifying 24 solar development zones in California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona with the highest potential for large-scale solar development and the fewest environmental conflicts.

The Bureau of Land Management’s deputy director of operations, Mike Pool, said Thursday he anticipates eliminating and reducing some zones but that he couldn’t give specifics yet.

The thousands of comments and concerns on the proposal demonstrate high interest in what the Interior and Energy departments are doing on renewable energy, Salazar said.

“We’ve taken those comments into consideration. We are talking about institutionalizing a program on solar development that will outlast the Obama administration,” he said in a teleconference with reporters.