Neighborhood teams up to grow their own

Posted by Christine, July 15, 2011

John Diodati isn’t optimistic about the beer growing in his front lawn.

What was once a small parcel of land filled with crab grass now hosts a small crop of barley, hop rhizome and sugar beets. Yet, while the crops are growing, they might not be growing fast enough for September’s block party.

That party will feature eight Morro Bay families celebrating their unique farming project by eating and drinking the things they’ve been growing since April. The families — who collectively call themselves The Beach Tractors — are competing with nine other Western neighborhoods in Sunset Magazine’s One Block Feast Contest.

Diodati first learned of the contest after meeting two Sunset editors at last year’s Savor the Central Coast wine and food event. After talking to the editors about his band of friendly neighbors, they suggested he apply for the contest, which challenges neighborhoods to grow gardens and raise farm animals while working as a team.

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