Joe Levine Fights To Preserve Drinking Water

Posted by erauch, August 6, 2011

Though he’s frequently called an activist, Joe Levine would much rather be known as a family man who’s simply concerned about the environment and, more specifically, preserving his children’s access to drinking water.

“Water is precious, it’s the next gold,” said Levine, a father of two. “It’s becoming rarer and rarer for citizens to have access to pure water.”

The 56-year-old architect is the co-founder of Citizens For Water, a non-profit organization “committed to protecting and preserving America’s water resources today and for all future generations,” according to its website. More specifically, the coalition — which is comprised of business leaders, industry specialists and scientists — focuses on educating citizens about hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” a controversial fossil fuel-extracting procedure which can allegedly have serious environmental and health impacts. Though Levine says there are between 50 and 60 grassroots groups focused on the dangers of fracking, the New York City-based Citizens for Water aims to act as an umbrella organization that will support those local groups through large fundraising drives, grant writing and other efforts.