Amory Lovins’ Burning Quest to ‘Reinvent Fire’ |

Posted by Trish Riley, October 28, 2011

Amory Lovins has a new book out today. That’s worthy of a news story in itself, since many of his previous works — books and papers going back to the 1970s — have spurred radical new thinking in energy, transportation, and building systems. And not just thinking: an impressive list of companies and governments around the world can trace some of their more innovative products, processes, and business models to the thinking of Lovins and his colleagues at the Rocky Mountain Institute, of which he is co-founder, chairman and chief scientist.

“Reinventing Fire shows how to run a very prosperous 2050 U.S. economy — 2.6 times today’s — with no oil, no coal, no nuclear energy, one-third less natural gas and a $5 trillion lower net-present-value cost than business as usual. We also found the transition requires no new inventions and no Act of Congress and can be led by business for profit…

A third point of departure is that this work is trans-ideological. It doesn’t matter whether you care most about profits, jobs and competitive advantage or about national security, or about health and environmental stewardship. We ought to do the same things anyway for whatever reasons. So, if we focus on outcomes not motives, and do the things we agree ought to be done from whatever perspective, then the stuff we don’t agree about tends to become superfluous.”

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