Is This the Wind Power Solution That Answers All the Critics?

Posted by Trish Riley, November 6, 2011

Wind power, on paper, sounds like a good idea. No emissions generated. High potential for energy generation, when optimally located. No dependence on foreign oil.

And yet, wind power often gets hit with a number of doubts and concerns: first, theres the fact that the wind does not always blow. Will it be a source of noise pollution, due to the hum of the turbines as it turns? Does it need to be placed just so, to be effective? Does it need to be so huge? What about the birds, will the turbines be responsible for their death?

These are all legitimate concerns, and not unexpected, given people are used to power generation happening elsewhere, or when it’s local, being a silent set of solar panels. But that doesn’t mean wind power shouldn’t be pursued as an option. As early as 2008, Helix Wind was working on an urban scale, business friendly vertical wind option. Now comes Wind Energy Corporation that has clearly done its homework, presenting wind as a win/win for businesses and communities.

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