For poor, climate change “a matter of life and death”

Posted by Trish Riley, December 1, 2011

In opening the 17th UN Climate Summit in Durban, South Africa yesterday, Jacob Zuma, president of the host country said that delegates must remember what is at stake.

"For most people in the developing world and Africa, climate change is a matter of life and death. Change and solutions are always possible. In these talks, states, parties, will need to look behind their national interests to find a solution for the common good and human benefit," Zuma said at the meeting, which hosts 190 different nations attempting to come up with a global agreement to tackle climate change.

Zuma pointed to droughts in East Africa and Sudan that have led to famine and conflict, respectively, as consistent with climate change predictions. Tens-of-thousands perished in Somalia this year from a famine caused by severe drought and political failure.

via For poor, climate change “a matter of life and death”.

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