Permaculture embraces sustainable practices

Posted by Christine, December 26, 2011

Additional information about permaculture posted online:

Permaculture is a design system based on ethics and design principles which can be used to establish, design, manage and improve all efforts made by individuals, households and communities towards a sustainable future. The permaculture flower uses the evolutionary spiral path to link together the key domains required for this change.
These concepts are adapted from Permaculture Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability by permaculture co-originator David Holmgren.


In this episode is a discussion of Bill Mollison’s 5 Principles of Permaculture. They come from Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual.

They are:

  • Work With Nature Rather than Against It
  • The Problem is the Solution
  • Make the Least Change for the Greatest Possible Effect
  • The Yield of a System is Theoretically Unlimited
  • Everything Gardens

Examples from my own experiences are given throughout.