U.S. Shale Oil Boom Fought By Green Groups

Posted by Trish Riley, January 2, 2012

A resurgent green
movement is launching a multi-pronged counter-attack against the
shale oil and gas boom in the United States that could slow,
though ultimately not stop, development.

Building upon their unexpected success in the battle against
the Keystone XL pipeline, a renewed onslaught from
environmentalists is putting the shale industry on the defensive
while adding to costs, limiting expansion and potentially
scuttling major projects.
“I think it’s the totality of what’s going on all
at once, that’s the biggest concern,” said Barclay Nicholson, a
lawyer for the Washington-based Fulbright & Jaworski law firm,
which has represented companies involved in shale development.

via U.S. Shale Oil Boom Fought By Green Groups.

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