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Posted by Trish Riley, February 21, 2012

Cinema Verde 2012 will be held at Villa East, 301 N. Main St., Gainesville, FL. Plan to do dinner and a movie with us – food and beverages available from Celebrations Catering!
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Cinema Verde is a wonderful chance for us to celebrate the beautiful nature that is so important to those of us who’ve chosen to live in this unique region of Florida, and it’s an opportunity for our community to showcase the stunning natural treasures we work so hard to protect. There is no better time of year to invite visitors from the chilly north to come to sunny Florida and celebrate our natural heritage with us.Cinema Verde is an environmental film and arts festival focused on the promotion of sustainability and green living. The third-annual Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival is a production of The organization’s mission is to showcase natural resources, workshops and other educational activities for community organizations, local businesses and citizens in order to create sustainable solutions for the future.

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