Pressure FDA to label GMOs

Posted by Christine, March 6, 2012

Food Democracy Now is campaigning for labeling on GMOs:

Today, an estimated 75 to 80% of processed food in the U.S. contains GMOs (genetically modified organism). For the past 15 years, Americans have been denied the basic right to know what’s in our food, despite the fact that more than 50 countries around the world already require labeling of genetically engineered food.

Even Russia and China label GMOs, allowing their citizens the fundamental right to know what they’re eating! Why not the U.S.? Because giant biotech and seed companies like Monsanto have written the rules for our governmental regulatory agencies and paid billions in lobbying, public relations and campaign donations over the past two decades.

Right now members of Congress are writing a letter to tell the FDA that it’s time to label genetically engineered foods. In the next 48 hours your Senators and Congressperson needs to hear from you immediately so you can have the Right to Know what you’re eating.

If you don’t know how to reach your Senator or Congressperson, please call the Congressional switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

Cinema Verde showed the film, Scientists Under Attack, about the controversy that swirls around scientists bold enough to question the wisdom of marketing GMO products without further testing. Arpad Pusztai, “The scientist at the centre of a storm over GM foods 10 years ago,” tells James Randerson he is unrepentant in this article in The Guardian.

Superweeds are now acknowledged to be a problem in fields of Round-Up Ready grain. We deserve to know  more.

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