SARE Biennial Report

Posted by Christine, March 30, 2012

Two brothers in Nebraska boosted corn yields by 10 percent in non-irrigated conditions with moisture-conserving cover crops, and have launched a cover-crop seed business.

Within a year, knowledge gained from a three-day renewable energy training benefited more than 2,600 farmers across the South.

Former tobacco farmers in Kentucky are now cashing in on sweet potatoes—grossing up to $7,000 per acre—thanks to new research and outreach from University of Kentucky Extension.

A Cornell University Extension specialist developed new techniques for onion growers that can increase their net profit by up to $258 per 100-foot bed.

A landmark curriculum that helps USDA professionals better serve American Indians is being widely adopted throughout the West, and garnered its writers USDA’s 2011 National Extension Diversity Award.

These are some of the stories to be found in SARE’s 2011/2012 Report from the Field, a collection of 12 profiles that illustrates the impact SARE has had in recent years through its research and education grants, awarded to farmers and ranchers, researchers, educators and nonprofits across the country.