Florida’s Expanding Sinkholes: Pumped Into The Pits | TheLedger.com

Posted by Michelle, May 21, 2012

During the freeze of 2010, Plant City farmers pumped water out of the ground continuously for 11 days to insulate their strawberry crops against the biting cold.

“The massive water withdrawal dropped the level of the aquifer 60 feet in a week and a half,” Gainesville author Cynthia Barnett writes in “Blue Revolution: Unmaking America’s Water Crisis.”

“One hundred and forty sinkholes opened up in communities surrounding the farms. Seven hundred and fifty residential wells dried up. An underground chasm closed Plant City’s Trapnell Elementary School.”

Sinkholes are a natural phenomenon in porous, limestone-girded Florida. Even so, the cause-and-effect relationship between dropping groundwater tables and increased sinkhole occurrence is absolutely clear.

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