Glen Spring Restoration Plan – H. T. Odum Florida Springs Institute

Posted by Michelle, May 17, 2012



Artesian springs are one of the most unique natural and cultural resources in northern Florida.  However, their decline during the last several decades is well documented, especially with regards to reduced spring flow and increased nitrate-nitrogen concentrations.  Faced with budget cuts and declining tax revenues, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the various Water Management Districts are not currently able to support all of the efforts needed for springs assessment and restoration. Local citizens and governments are taking springs restoration into their own hands. To be successful all they need to proceed is a clear set of restoration actions that are technically feasible. 

The Florida Springs Institute has identified the urgent need for a Restoration Action Plan for Glen Spring so that the negative flow and nitrate trends increasingly apparent at this spring can be reversed before they become progressively worse.  There is an opportunity for revenue from this property, similar to the preservation efforts at Gainesville’s other urban spring, Boulware Spring. Since the spring pool house is still in good shape with the original flooring from the bar in the 1950’s, a porch that was added on in the 1970’s, and the Elks Lodge next door, the property could be rented out for special events, with the spring being the main attraction. Given the chance, many people would pay to have their wedding next to a spring or host conferences and retreats that come to Gainesville.


To view the complete plan and video: 

via Glen Spring Restoration Plan – H. T. Odum Florida Springs Institute.