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Posted by Michelle, May 19, 2012

Many of you probably have fond memories of visits to Silver Springs and the Silver River.

Crystal clear water. Eel grass waving in the strong current. Thousands of fish. Glass-bottom boats.

The springs and the river today?

Bob Knight, the director of the Florida Springs Institute:

“Silver Springs is not what it once was. It is not the most remarkable hydrographic feature in North America as described by a scientist in the 1850s who said it was comparable to the Mississippi River and Niagara Falls.

“That’s what people thought of Silver Springs 150 years ago. They don’t think that anymore. When they go there, they say, ‘What’s the big deal?'”

Guy Marwick, who was instrumental in establishing the museum at Silver River State Park:

“I just went back to the river a week ago, and I was appalled. There was no white sand showing. … The beautiful, glistening white sand that reflected the sunlight back up through the water was all black and degraded. …

“It was a real shock to me. The river is dying, and it’s dying on our watch.”

via Time running out for Florida’s springs | Jacksonville.com Mobile Edition.

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