California protects its coast

Posted by Christine, June 7, 2012

California made history today when the Fish and Game Commission voted to adopt a network of Marine Protected Areas for northern California. The vote marks the completion of the nation’s first statewide underwater park system. Thanks to the landmark Marine Life Protection Act, beloved areas like Cape Mendocino, Point Reyes, the Big Sur Coast, and La Jolla will be enjoyed by divers, kayakers, swimmers, birders, and tidepoolers for generations to come.

Over the last eight years, business  owners, scientists, tribes, fishermen, conservationists and government  officials have met up and down the coast to map out protections that  will provide economic and environmental benefits for their communities. Their hard work, guided by input from tens of thousands of Californians, has created a system of safeguards that we can all be proud of.

CalOceans thanks all of the stakeholders, policymakers, and members of the public that worked so hard to make this possible.  Please see our press release, and check out a statewide map of California’s marine protected areas.

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