East Coast Sea Level Rise Accelerating In ‘Hotspot’ Area, Report Warns

Posted by Michelle, June 26, 2012

Brace yourselves, East Coasters.

A new report finds that rates of sea level rise in a “hotspot” along the U.S. Atlantic Coast are increasing about three to four times more than the global average and could “increase the vulnerability of coastal cities to flooding, and beaches and wetlands to deterioration.”

The report by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) government scientists was published online Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

By studying tide gauge data, the scientists found that climate change-induced sea level rise is not uniform, but rather there are variations causing sea levels to rise faster in some regions, most notably along a 600-mile-long “hotspot” on the Atlantic Coast from Cape Hatteras, N.C. to north of Boston, Mass.

Increases in the rate of sea level rise in this region were higher than the global average between 1950–1979 and 1980–2009.

via East Coast Sea Level Rise Accelerating In ‘Hotspot’ Area, Report Warns.

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