Floating, Solar-Powered Hotel Designed By Michele Puzzolante (VIDEO)

Posted by Michelle, June 12, 2012

Floating Hotel


An Italian industrial designer has unveiled plans to make a floating, solar-powered yacht/hotel/submarine that can essentially be plopped down near existing water-front hotels or marinas.

Michele Puzzolante’s plan is some 20 meters in length and comes equipped with a submerged “observation” bulb for people to view sea life.

With two single and two double bedrooms, each with its own bath, the hotel — or SFR as it’s called — can sleep six. The SFR comes equipped with a kitchen, dining area and a teak deck, not to mention the Jacuzzi.

The SFR is solar-powered and has a self-sufficient energy generator, the Herald Sunreports.

Last month, plans were revealed to build a string of underwater “discus” hotels in Dubai



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