Posted by Michelle, June 1, 2012

The company that will own and operate Gainesville’s 100-megawatt biomass plant wants to enter the fight against a lawsuit that seeks to have the city’s contract to purchase power from the plant declared null and void.
The Gainesville Renewable Energy Center, a limited liability company formed for the $500 million project, filed its motion to intervene on May 21. No timetable has been set for 8th Judicial Circuit Judge Victor Hulslander to decide, but parties close to the case said they expect the motion to be approved.
In the motion, the company said what it had at stake in the case “is more than sufficient to support its intervention.”
If the court voided the contract, “the time, energy and money spent” implementing it over the past three years “could be lost,” the motion said.
If the contract were terminated, the company’s ability to sell electricity for the next 30 years — the length of the exclusive agreement between GREC and the city — could be jeopardized or terminated, and the firm would default on financing agreements totaling $500 million, according to the motion.


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