Posted by Michelle, June 11, 2012

More concerns over Florida’s water future flowed Friday during a state advisory board’s meeting in Gainesville.
Members of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Agricultural Water Policy Advisory Council were gathered to receive staff updates on state government’s ongoing effort to have all water management districts adopt the same uniform rules for water withdrawal permitting and the challenges expected in formulating long-term projections for the agricultural industry’s water supply needs.
Some members of the public were there to talk about drying lakes and rivers.
“Water is a finite resource,” Orange Lake resident Judy Etlzer said. “I hear you talking about rules and regulations. I don’t hear you talking about water as a finite resource.”
Etlzer, who lives on the banks of Orange Lake, said she has watched the lake dry up and has had to drill down some 130 feet in order for her well to draw water.


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