Gas industry’s version of Gasland: Truthland

Posted by Christine, June 13, 2012

Chip Northrup refutes the industry’s spin version.

Another anti-Gasland bit of fracking propaganda from the gas industry

This time served up as quixotic search for truth (read: fracking spin) featuring a folksy narrator in a slick infomercial.

“Truthland” was paid for and produced by Energy In Depth, a gas industry front group

These shale shills give presentations on how to spin the media and make fracking mockumentaries

Including how to attack grass roots activists  covertly

And these fracking shills seemed obsessed with Gasland – a documentary . . .

So they have concocted yet another fracking informercial

This one done  entirely via interviews – all with  fracking apologists, camp followers and shale gas roulette winners:


John Hanger, former Pa. DEP commissioner, oversaw some of the worst environmental disasters from fracking in the US.

He seems a bit uncomfortable mouthing the usual regulatory platitudes.

He repeats the Big Fracking Deception: “No instance of water pollution from fracking”

When that is not true, and a bit of a dodge.

He says that shale gas drilling is “cleaner” that oil well drilling – meaning a vertical oil well drilling on land ?  Nope. Not so.

The narrator says she has not had shale wells put on her property – yet.

Based on the location of her farm,  in Susquehanna County, Pa. a dry gas well would not be economic at this time.

But it would likely mobilize methane that will migrate into her groundwater and her neighbor’s groundwater:

Read the rest of his list of corporate mouthpieces and apologists on his blog.