June Green Drinks Meeting

Posted by Michelle, June 1, 2012

                              Gainesville Green Drinks                            

        Meets the 1st Wed. of each month; All are welcome:  Join us!!

     June 6,  6 – 8 p.m.

Emiliano’s Cafe, 7 SE 1st Ave.   

We will be joined by Mike Byerly and Hutch Hutchinson, both of whom are running for Alachua County Commission seats and who will share their views, concerns and ideas with us. Jazz music will be provided by Karl Weismantel, Ali Che’ree and Clyde Connor and the restaurant will offer several drink and tapas specials – Happy Hour runs 5 – 7 p.m. Enjoy!    

We can help you showcase

your sustainable business or organization 

at our community events.

By Michelle Williamson (ace intern!)

Last month’s meeting at Tasty Buddha was fantastic! Out of the 25-30 people who joined us, there was a lot of talk of how to become more sustainable.

Some of the question’s that came up were:

  • Why is it more expensive to buy organic foods?

Local organic farmer, Daniel*, replied that is not expensive to buy organic foods, “You have to buy locally, that’s the deal. Low prices wont be available in grocery stores like, Publix, because the store requires organic foods to be U.S.D.A approved and not a lot of local farmers will go through the process.”

Another organic farmer from the Archer Market Garden added his opinion about the U.S.D.A, “You have to go through a lot of loopholes in order to get certified. I don’t have the time, and the demand from the local market is enough right now.”

An opposite opinion from the U.S.D.A approved Frog Song Organics says, “It is not hard to get certified. In fact it is easier for small-operated farmer owners to get certified because the U.S.D.A provides them grants. There needs to be more regulation on the products that say they are organic and not certified.”

Right now only two percent of the food industry produces USDA certified organic foods, and less than ten percent of the American population is buying. Organic farmers are often family operated and only supply locally. The conventional part of the food industry does not want to switch because of the unknown pricing data, subsidy costs, and strict guidelines to follow.

If the government provided help to organic farmers, as they do in Denmark and Sweden, then the prices to produce, distribute, and product cost would decrease. Finally, organic products would decrease if there were more of a market demand, so even if you just buy one or two organic items regularly, you will be helping to push us toward greater market demand and reduced prices. In the past years the annual demand has been growing 20 percent, but to impact the price, one-third of America’s population would have to buy organic products regularly.

  • Does turning on and off your air conditioner save you money?

Not necessarily. The most cost efficient way to keep your electricity bill down in the summer is by setting your thermostat to 85 degrees when you’re away from your home, and 78 degrees when you are home.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone this month!

Green Drinks is a monthly networking opportunity for those interested in sustainability issues. All are welcome – we meet the first Wednesday of each month at varying locations. For more information, please visit: (www.gogreennation.org/category/green-drinks/.

Please let us know if you’d like to let us help showcase your sustainable initiatives!

Trish Riley
Director: Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival


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