Beasts of the Southern Wild: An Invitation

Posted by Trish Riley, August 14, 2012

From Jack Donovan: At Wednesday Potluck/Discussion we decided that next Wednesday (8/15) we’ll go see the movie, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, 7:10pm at the Butler Plaza movie complex.

Judging from the rave reviews, the film will give us a taste of what Transition to Resilience will be like spiritually and physically for some people.  The following Wednesday (8/22) we’ll make the movie the topic of our discussion, including comparing it to The Transition Handbook vision and the County’s Energy Conservation Strategies thinking.

Please invite others to join the discussion on 8/22 and to see the movie, either with us (8/15) or on their own schedule.

Here’s an excerpt from The New Yorker movie review that says quite a bit.  To read more, Ed Brown sent us the link below.

Hope to see you next Wednesday at the theater.  I plan to be there around 6:45 to buy popcorn and stake out a good seat.

Spread the word.  Blessings!

“Welcome to post-prosperity America. “Beasts” is the first classic of the Long Recession, and, surprise!—it’s a joyous movie.
It’s not a documentary; and there’s nothing in it of the anthropological
earnestness that can deaden a film that looks into an obscure corner of the
world. “Beasts” has an exciting palpability, an oxygen-sharp sense of the
present tense. It’s raucous and alive. Benh Zeitlin has only directed shorts in
the past, but he went into the bayous with a sixteen-millimetre camera (Ben
Richardson did the cinematography) and the support of a filmmaking collective called Court 13 and came out with a vibrant feature.”

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