Cedar Key News: A North Florida Water War

Posted by Michelle, August 5, 2012

Cedar Key is ground zero in Florida`s latest water war. On one side are those who wish to promote additional groundwater consumption for urban and agricultural development. On the other side are a growing number of Floridians who believe that they have an obligation to protect their groundwater supply.On one side of the battle line are our state agencies and the business and political interests they represent. This relatively small number of individuals currently holds the power to use taxpayer dollars to encourage the creation of new farms and cities that need more groundwater. Their doctrine is clear – Florida cannot survive without growth to stimulate the creation of jobs. Economic growth leads to more roads, schools, houses, restaurants, convenience stores, and income for the many people it takes to create that infrastructure. It means more landfills, incinerators, and sewage treatment plants. Growth also means that we need to have more water for our homes and lawns, to irrigate farm fields, to cool our power plants, and to support industrial and mining operations.

via Cedar Key News: A North Florida Water War.

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