Georgetown Steel Mill Polluted Town As Romney Firm Profited

Posted by Michelle, August 27, 2012

GEORGETOWN, S.C. — The rusty stains on Shirley Carters home are a permanent reminder of her fight with the local steel mill, just down U.S. Highway 17 near the boat docks. No matter how many cans of industrial-strength acid she went through, the red tint on her property never seemed to go away.In 1998, Carter and her neighbors sued Georgetown Steel, then owned by the company Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney co-founded, Bain Capital. They sought millions in cleanup costs and accused the mills owners of leaving their historic Southern neighborhood looking like it had been hit by a “chemical bomb.”State officials determined the mill was largely to blame for the pollution. As the lawsuit dragged on for years, the steel mill filed for bankruptcy and the plant ultimately settled with the residents.In the end, Bain walked away with more than $30 million in profits. Carter got $800.”That wasnt even enough to paint the house,” said Carter, who is a Romney supporter this election.

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