Mushroom Identification, Safety, and Good Learning Experience

Posted by Michael Walker, September 20, 2012

This is a workshop and foray for beginning mushroom identification. Participants will learn what a mushroom is, their life cycles, how to collect them safely, and the seasons and habitats for mushrooms. We will also look for mushrooms and learn how to identify them in the field- what characteristics to look for and the resources available to help you determine what is what. If time permits, the foray will be followed by a slide show.

Prairie Creek Preserve- where else can you see sand live oak 100 feet from a cypress turning autumn gold? Huge patches of bee balm are a flutter with butterflies, and red-headed woodpeckers are still tending to this year’s young. We may hike either east to the creek or west to the cemetery.

Saturday, September 22, 9:00am – 1:00pm (meet at Prairie Creek Lodge).

Wear sturdy shoes, bring water and a luncheon snack, be prepared for insects and rain (note: ticks are bad this year). For specimen collecting please bring a basket, small knife, note pad and pencil. Bring any fresh specimens from home you would like to have identified- be sure to refrigerate the specimen in a paper towel, not plastic, and be certain to collect the below-ground portion as well.

For more information
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