Florida’s Underground Aquifer is Under Siege

Posted by Robyn, November 14, 2012

Florida’s vast underground aquifer is under siege as a result of over-pumping, nutrient pollution, salt-water intrusion and other negative impacts.

And although the topic of water has been much discussed in recent years, what we don’t know about the true condition of our aquifers may be more important than what we do know.

That’s why Miller and representatives of 27 other North Florida counties and 70 area cities and towns, are asking the Florida Legislature to mandate a more comprehensive mining of the data regarding Florida’s aquifers.

A resolution adopted by the Northwest Florida League of Cities and the Suwannee River League of Cities implores the Legislature to fund “an unbiased scientific study of the Floridan Aquifer due to its critical implications to statewide water supply.”

via Florida’s vast underground aquifer is under siege | Gainesville.com.