Posted by Robyn, January 9, 2013

Workshop Was Mandated by Settlement Agreement between Gainesville Citizens CARE and the City of Gainesville/GRU/GREC, Resulting From Lawsuit Alleging Violations of Sunshine Law During Biomass Contract Negotiations Resulting in Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

The Gainesville City Commission has scheduled a televised public workshop on Wednesday January 9 at 4:00 p.m., to allow presentations and discussion related to the GRU-GREC Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The workshop will be conducted by Gainesville Citizens CARE, Inc., at Gainesville City Hall, 200 E. University Avenue.

The workshop will be the first public meeting to focus on the terms of the GRU-GREC biomass contract and the impacts this contract will have on GRU ratepayers and the public. Information will be presented regarding the process the City and GRU followed in negotiating the final terms of the 30-year contract, and the true costs and impacts of the contract will be discussed. Following a presentation by GC-CARE, the workshop will allow Public Comment regarding all aspects of the GRU-GREC Biomass Contract (PPA).

This workshop on the GREC biomass contract was mandated by a settlement agreement resulting from a lawsuit filed by the public interest group Gainesville Citizens CARE, Inc. (GC-CARE) against the City of Gainesville, Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) and Gainesville Renewable Energy Center LLC (GREC). GREC, LLC is a privately owned out-of-state limited liability company currently constructing its wood burning electricity generation plant on Cty property within the Gainesville city limits.

The lawsuit filed by GC-CARE alleged the City and GRU violated provisions of the Florida Government-in-the-Sunshine Law during the negotiations that produced the GREC biomass PPA That $3 billion to $4 billion contract obligates GRU and its ratepayers to purchase electricity from GREC, LLC for 30-years at above-market rates.

Members of the public who are unable to attend the workshop are encouraged to send questions or comments regarding the GREC biomass contract or Sunshine Law issues to GC-CARE, and every effort will be made to read them at the workshop and have them included in the public record.

This meeting will be broadcast on the public access channel, Cox  Cable 12, and at the City’s website