Gowanus Canal Flooding Brings Contamination Concerns

Posted by Robyn, January 9, 2013

When Hurricane Sandy sent water tearing into Tony Locane’s basement last week, he rushed down the stairs to save what he could — his computer, a few pieces of his artwork — as the water climbed up the walls and up his legs from one foot to two feet, to three and to four. And when he retreated to the safety of higher ground, he noticed something on his skin. His body was covered in a “greasy, oily slick,” Mr. Locane said.

The water that rushed into his basement that night came over the banks of the nearby Gowanus Canal, a narrow waterway that cuts a winding path through a section of South Brooklyn, and which the Environmental Protection Agency considers to be one of the most contaminated bodies of water in the country.

via Gowanus Canal Flooding Brings Contamination Concerns – NYTimes.com.