Robert Redford: American Determination and Climate Change

Posted by Robyn, January 9, 2013

But elections are, indeed, running in the background of this human consequence and the inspiration we are seeing from countless citizens is exactly the kind of determination and collective responsibility we’re going to need to fight climate change — the force that super-charged this “superstorm.” It will take resourcefulness and grit to reduce the carbon pollution that’s fueling these storms, but Hurricane Sandy proves once again we have it.

The true measure of climate change isn’t taken in Congress or in pseudo-scientists’ debates. It is taken in the communities torn apart by extreme weather. New Yorkers who saw the waters rise this week — and the Midwestern farmers who watched their crops die and Colorado residents who looked on as their houses burned this summer — remind us that climate change is about people, and our connection to nature’s rule, not the weather.

via Robert Redford: American Determination and Climate Change.

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