Bob Graham and Nathaniel Reed: Silver Springs isn’t alone

Posted by Robyn, February 6, 2013

Seven months after “Speak Up: Silver Springs,” the public continues to call on Florida’s governor, Department of Environmental Protection and Legislature to take action to protect and restore our impaired waterways.

Unfortunately, instead of resolving the serious problems that threaten our state’s most precious natural resources, efforts in Tallahassee have focused on rolling back environmental safeguards and growth management guidelines, cutting funding for conservation and regulatory programs, reducing enforcement against polluters and liquidating public lands.

Although significant progress has been made in protecting Silver Springs, even more remains to be done. The $2 million investment by the Scott administration to help reduce pollution in Silver Springs and the Santa Fe River pales in comparison to the more than $61 million that Gov. Rick Scott and Florida’s legislature have cut from the St. Johns River Water Management District’s budget over the past two years.

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