Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival

Posted by Robyn, February 7, 2013

Several years ago, Trish Riley was at a conference in San Francisco when she noticed the number of films centered on environmental conservation in the city.

Months after Riley, an environmental journalist, returned to Gainesville, the idea of launching a film festival sprung to life.

“I know how important [environmental protection] is, how serious it is, and I want people to do something about it,” said Riley, who is the author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Greening Your Business.”

The fourth annual Cinema Verde Environmental Films & Art Festival kicks off Feb. 9 and continues through Feb. 14. The festival features more than 30 films that hope to inspire individuals to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, said Riley, the event director.

The festival highlights global issues such as pollution and water conservation, while emphasizing that individuals can make changes in their daily lives that benefit the environment.

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