Chasing Ice in a Warming World

Posted by Robyn, March 5, 2013

Many believe “Chasing Ice,” the powerful climate change film nominated for an Oscar for its haunting original song, “Before My Time,” should have made the cut for Best Documentary Feature too. But if you haven’t seen the virtuoso film directed by Jeff Orlowski, you still may have time to run to the nearest theater to watch it on the big screen. You may never look at the world again in the same way.

The film follows National Geographic photographer James Balog’s quest to document the melting of the world’s Arctic glaciers, where frozen panoramas will dazzle you with azure blue rivers gushing through icy channels toward the sea as they drain away the icebound regions of the world. This is not just eye candy for climate change junkies, it’s compelling evidence the Arctic is melting before us–and we’d better do something about it fast.

via Rocky Kistner: Chasing Ice in a Warming World.

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