Column: Lousy water, lousy press for Florida

Posted by Robyn, March 27, 2013

flwaterA long time ago, Florida attracted writers from across the country who waxed poetic about its natural beauty — haunting, unspoiled and profuse. Gradually, then rapidly, natural Florida was bulldozed under and paved over. Writers looked to unspoiled places elsewhere.

Now the national press is again paying attention to natural Florida. And the appraisal is not flattering.

A month after a sinkhole fatally opened beneath a Seffner man, the New Yorker published a story ominously titled “Florida’s Sinkhole Peril.” It explains why the state’s terra firma is increasingly looking like Swiss cheese. Big agriculture, utilities, industries and residents smitten by green lawns are overtaxing groundwater sources and drawing down the Floridan Aquifer.

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